Monetize the Digital Assets of your Enterprise.

SafeLiShare makes it easy and safe to unlock new business models based on the sensitive and private data and programs that you own and generate.

Process your data and run your applications in compute environments that don’t require mutual trust.


Define policies around access, usage, and distribution behind your most valuable assets.

Generate immutable audit logs that ensure trust and open verifiability.

Our robust patent portfolio leverages leading open technologies to cover all of your compliance and privacy needs, creating a federation of data assets that are provably secure, normalized across processor types, and available across all major cloud platforms.

Bring confidential computing to data de-identification and data cleansing activities.

How it Works

Use SafeLiShare's data clean rooms to monetize and protect your assets without ever compromising the personal information and privacy of your data. Collect, share, and compute valuable consumer insights while meeting stringent data governance and policies.



Enable secured national and domestic cross-border data flows within your enterprise while protecting against financial fraud and scams. Provide a customer-centric data authorization and sharing model that protects the customers that you serve.



Ensure HIPAA compliance, PHI integrity, and more while performing model training and other compute tasks aggregated across multiple parties of data providers, application types, and analytics partners all in a secured zero-trust environment.



We help any enterprise with sensitive but valuable data assets unlock new revenue streams and new insights.

Who Does SafeLiShare Benefit?

Contact us to learn how SafeLiShare can help your organization safely and securely share data assets:

SafeLiShare is changing the way private and sensitive data is published, processed and shared by enterprises. We are ushering in a new era of ubiquitous confidential computing using state of the art hardware-based cryptographic capabilities to help enterprises publish and share data and programmatic assets, all without any trusted intermediaries. We are bringing confidential and trusted computing to multiparty data analytics, big data processing and private machine learning systems.

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