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Increase the Visibility, Auditability, Application Security, Compliance, Business Efficiency of your data assets.

SafeLiShare leverages confidential computing to provide policy driven access to applications and data, in fully encrypted compute environments.

Discover, unlock, and use data securely.

​Who Does SafeLiShare Benefit?

We help any enterprise with sensitive but valuable data assets unlock new revenue streams and new insights.


Drug Discovery

Real World Evidence

Predictive Analytics of Chronic Diseases


Supply Chain/Logistics

Contract Manufacturing/IP Protection

Asset Tracking and Inventory


Customer Insights

GDPR Compliance


Fraud Detection

Sharing Proprietary Quant Algorithms

Cross Institution Transactions


Supply Chain/Inventory

Omnichannel/Customer 360 View

Security of Customer Transaction Data


Cyber Crime Prevention

Secure Sharing between Govt. branches

About SafeLiShare

In an era when data has become the product for many enterprises, and faces increased scrutiny due to tightening global regulations, SafeLiShare was founded with a vision to protect data throughout all its life cycles. All operations on data are made visible, auditable, and trackable. Multiple governance policies can be enforced simultaneously. Powered by confidential computing environments, data always remains encrypted and is made accessible only inside secure enclaves to authorized applications. Governance policies are expressed and enforced computationally. 

To learn more about how SafeLiShare brings security to dataflows:

Trusted Environments

Process your data and run your applications in encrypted compute environments that don’t require mutual trust


Define policies around access, usage, and distribution of your applications and data 


Generate immutable audit logs that ensure trust and open verifiability


All access by applications are logged and available for audit


Share data assets across business functions without losing policy control

To learn more about how SafeLiShare brings security to dataflows:

What is SafeLiShare ?

Turn Public Cloud Dataflows into Private Dataflows.
Protect. Share. Transact. SafeLiShare.

See SafeLiShare in action. 

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