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SafeLiShare products ensure policy driven access to applications and data within trusted execution environments, guarantee data privacy, and fulfill data governance and compliance regulations.  


Discover new insights from your data and applications.


Our products leverage leading open standards and technologies to protect data and allow compliance and governance policies to be enforced. Using flexible authorizations mechanisms, data owners express policies that control access to applications and data. Achieve peace of mind with security that is computationally enforced across all stages of the data lifecycle.


Data and application owners specify access, control, and compliance policies.

Gain auditability, trackability and visibility of all accesses to your data. CIRRI ensures that:

Data is always encrypted 

Data is only made accessible inside secure enclaves to authorized applications

Verifiable audit logs are available for all workloads

Utilize your intra-enterprise workloads with peace of mind.


Benefit from all functionality provided by CIRRI and go beyond by having the ability to import compute assets from various business functions. Realize new findings from your data and applications. LinC enables all workloads to:

Maintain data locality

Maintain algorithm privacy

Invoke protected workloads from external workflows (Airflow, BigQuery, Knative)

Collaborate with partners in an inter-enterprise environment to gain the most from your data and applications. 


See SafeLiShare in action. 

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